Oh LORD! Help Your Blissfuls!

Prayer Connect will be starting soon: March 2nd to 31st. 4am daily (Nigerian time). And I’m expecting some of the most amazing miracles in the lives of God’s people. Because I believe the One Who sent me to pray for His people, will answer prayers on behalf of His loved ones.

Yet, here’s a warning for those that have ears to hear, and eyes to see: If you think that getting all you want in this life will solve all your problems and make you happy, then think again. Because you’re in grave error.

The fact is that the moment you get all you want, a new set of wants will replace them, and you’ll become even more restless and miserable than ever.

It never ends.
It just never ends.

Actually, some of the things you’re so desperately pushing for today, if you don’t take care, will end up ruining your life. This is why the best and most superior prayer of all is, “Thy will be done.”

So, watch it!

Please listen to this with your heart: Genuine inner joy, peace and abiding happiness come only through fellowship with the Holy Spirit. That’s it. No other way. Nothing else can satisfy you or take His place.

Stop this endless chasing after shadows. Take it easy. Chillax for goodness sake!

You already have all you need for life and godliness right there within you: The Holy Spirit.

If anything, what you really need is to change direction; from all these endless pursuit of matter, to seeking His voice; to seeking a personal living intimate fellowship with Him.

But then, the real question comes: Are you really interested in meeting and knowing Him that way? Or are you merely hanging in there for all the shiny things you hope to receive from Him?

Keep it real. Ok. Real.

Yet, He’s right there, patiently waiting for the noise to cease; for you to turn to Him. He’s waiting for your wanderlust to end, and your whole heart return and rest in Him.

Oh Lord help your Blissfuls!