No More Limitations!

Good morning Blissful of the Most High. The Spirit of the Living God has a word for you. Ask Her to open your heart to receive fresh manna today. I will draw my inspiration from the story about blind Bartimaeus. 

He was a blind man that was desperate for a change. When he heard about Jesus he went to meet Him. As he was calling out to Him everyone was trying to shut him up. But he did not stop. He yelled out louder. He got the attention of Jesus and Jesus sent for him. 

As he was coming he threw off the garment that identified him with blindness. This was a symbol of his limitation. He dropped it and took off to Jesus. Today as you persist in calling out to Jesus for a transformation in your life, throw off every limitation. No more excuses! Choose to no longer identify with that thing that’s been holding you back. No more self loathing. Give no foot hold to the flesh. Move forward with Jesus today. The power is in you. Bliss is in you. 

Matthew 10:50| “The man threw off his coat as he jumped up and ran to Jesus.”