No More Forms Of Godliness Without Power!

Bliss be with you dearest Blissful Spirit. I am writing to you today to encourage you along your journey. I know you are pressing in to see the fulfillment of Gods promises in your life. So today I want to shine light on something that can be a hinderance to you moving forward in your metamorphosis. 

On the human end of the spectrum of your being, formulas, rules and rituals are very appealing. I think it is because you don’t have to think you can just go through the motions. Just like a routine. Mostly the human is lazy I’ve come to notice. Trust me I got to deal with my own human here so I understand. But this can be a real problem when it comes to moving with the Spirit. 

So today let’s bring this before the Source God by His Spirit and just let Him deal with it. To me I call these forms of godliness but no power. These are things that we say and do over and over but they lack the transformational power of the Spirit. They leave you frustrated and stuck in your metamorphosis. So today declare “Let the fire of the Almighty God that I am one with, burn every form of godliness without power in my life NOW!” Be free Blissful to move forward with passion and grace. 💞

2 Timothy 3:5| having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.”