Congratulations Nigeria!

First of all, I acknowledge the sacrifices of all those who were killed by evil forces as they tried to exercise their civil rights in our just concluded 2015 presidential election. They are the true heroes of this election. May God bring comfort and healing to the bereaved families.

Losing can be very painful. But for the ruling PDP in my home country Nigeria, it’s about time. Complacency, taking the populace for granted, blatant corruption, and sheer ineptitude is completely unacceptable in a modern and intelligent society.

I am deeply grateful today that the majority of Nigerians—in spite of the most humiliating and terrifying conditions—turned out en masse to overwhelmingly reject a corrupt, grossly inefficient, and visionless leadership.

I must however, congratulate the incumbent president, Goodluck Jonathan, for making history. He enabled the most independent electoral body in Nigeria’s history, presided over the most transparent and credible election in Nigerian history, and has become the first sitting Nigerian president to concede defeat and congratulate the winning candidate of another party.

Now, let the healing begin—particularly for sincere supporters of this failed administration; but also for a nation that has been plundered by pathetic and disgusting leadership.

May God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.