New Doors Will Open For You

It matters a lot how you think, how you see life, what you say. 

Do not ever allow yourself to be intimidated by any situation in life that tries to threaten you at any time.

Satan is a trickster; a liar; an illusionist. He is super skilled at blowing mirages out of proportion in order to scare the living daylights out of you. Don’t fall for his tricks.

Things are not always as bad as they look.

Your future is in God’s hands.

If there’s anything right now that’s trying to discourage you and get you to panic, know that it’s a lie from the devil. It may appear real, tough, and menacing; it may be threatening to disgrace and destroy you; the fear in your heart may be real—nevertheless, it’s all Satan’s lie. Don’t fall for it.

Just smile. Yes you can do that. Smile and remind yourself that God loves you and is in control of your life. He is in control of every situation of your life.

No matter what, you will always come out much stronger than ever. Always.

The best is yet to come. New doors will open for you. You will receive more glorious breakthroughs and opportunities to rise to higher heights.

The Holy Spirit Himself is speaking to you right now. Receive His words today and be comforted in Jesus Name.