This New Chapter Will Be Even More Glorious

The ground beneath your feet may seem like it’s falling apart right now. This season may seem tough, difficult and unending. Your plans seem not to be working out at all. 

Your hopes are taking so long to mature and come through. Things that have been working so far, things you’ve been depending on seem to be fading away fast.

You’re scared. You’re afraid. You don’t see any hopes anywhere. You’re even too scared to quit. Because you have nothing to fall back on.

Well, God is smiling at you. He says you should not be afraid.

All that’s happening right now is that this chapter is closing. And a new chapter is opening.This new chapter will be even more glorious than the one you’ve been trying to prolong.

Trust God. He’s got you. Trust His wisdom. Trust His process.

You will yet flourish. You will yet prosper. So, smile and move forward with hope.