Never Ever Rationalize Sin In Your Life

A fifth practical way to pursue godly righteousness is to seek God’s strength to overcome sin. It’s not by your own might.

The world is messed up; everybody around you is committing a sin. In fact, to say that is an understatement; people no longer see sin as sin. They now call it “bad habit”. That’s what a man of God called masturbation. He said that masturbation is a bad habit; can you imagine that? So there’s a difference now between a bad habit and sin? What craziness!

Adultery is called extra marital affair – “They’re just having an affair.” Come on now! It’s adultery. When someone tells a lie, they say, “Well, he just exaggerated.  It’s a slip of tongue.”

I don’t have a holier-than-thou attitude; God forbid! One thing, however, I encourage is that we must call light, light; and call darkness, darkness. We must call a spade a spade; and call a cup a cup. We must call sin what it is; and call righteousness what it is.  That way, we know what we’re doing.  So that when you’re sinning, you know exactly what you are doing.

David said:

“For I know my transgressions, and my sin is always before me.”
~Psalm 51:2

As long as you keep that sin in front of you, and keep calling it what it is, and each day of your life, you tell God to give you the strength to overcome it, God is merciful and will forgive you, and help you to overcome it. Then the  righteousness of God will permeate your thoughts, your speech and your actions.

Memory Verse:
Psalm 51:2
“For I know my transgressions, and my sin is always before me.”

Heavenly Father, I confess my sin before You. I ask that You forgive me; cleanse me; and grant the strength to overcome it, in Jesus’ name.