Never Ever Play With The House Of God

I encourage you to discover your assignment from the Father and get on with it. And, as I wrote in An Unsung Secret To Longevity, When you do, you’ll find out that it is nourishment; it is some sort of food.

Your work is your assignment in God’s house; and I don’t mean the church building. When I talk about your assignment in the house of God, I’m not necessarily talking about only what you do in terms of ushering people to their seats, singing in the choir, welcoming first-timers and the likes.

That’s a huge part of it though. I believe that every Christian ought to be part of a local church. If you are a Christian you must belong to a church, and be actively involved in all matters pertaining to that church. You must never ever play with the house of God, for the simple reason that your assignment will be derived from God’s house.

The house of God, however, is much bigger than what you do in church. The house of God, as I use it in this message, refers to His eternal and universal kingdom. You have a very key role to play in God’s kingdom. That is your work; your divine assignment.

Jesus Christ discovered the assignment his Father gave him to do and was active at all times in carrying it out. You have been given an assignment by the Father and that is your work. Be like Jesus. Find out what the assignment is and get on with it.