My Walk with the Holy Spirit

My thoughts for the greater part of yesterday were almost solely centered on the person of the Holy Spirit. It actually started the previous night; I couldn’t sleep at all. The Holy Spirit had me up declaring “Get up and move on!” I had no idea who it was that this was referring to; but I knew someone had been knocked flat out by the devil. So, I kept declaring that till I had some sleep; I even posted it on the wall of my facebook page.

I eventually went to bed.

I got up Sunday morning filled with the Joy of the Lord. At the service, I couldn’t stop the tears; I kept speaking in tongues as that was the only way to cope with the surge of power and ecstasy flowing through me. It was awesome.

It was not possible for me to preach my prepared sermon yesterday morning. The Lord wouldn’t let me; so I went to the piano and played and worshipped while the Lord worked wonders among His people. There were so many out at the altar seeking strength from the Lord. I had the Pastors out there laying hands and ministering to the people while I played the piano and worshipped and gave prophecies as they poured forth from the Spirit.

Afterwards, back home from church, I fell into a deep and very refreshing sleep; it was beautiful and lovely. I must note here that this always happens whenever I have a deep encounter with the Holy Spirit. It tells me that one of His works in our lives is to give us sleep – sweet, healing, refreshing rest. This kind of rest is deeply emotional, mental, as well as spiritual; and it can only come from the Lord.

In vain you rise early 
   and stay up late, 
toiling for food to eat— 
   for he grants sleep to those he loves.
~ Psalm 127:2

Truly, the Lord grants sleep to those He loves.

When I got up later in the evening and prepared to lead the closing session of the day’s fast, the Holy Spirit was still actively moving in my life and I could feel His awesome presence all over. He began to speak to me about things related to our ministry future and ongoing projects. He spoke divine strategies into my heart. This reminded me of one of His major duties in our lives – the release of divine wisdom.

The Holy Spirit is such a precious gift! I believe He is God’s greatest gift to His children on planet earth today. God is so merciful; knowing the toughness of living as Christians in this world, He did not leave us without a comforter. Jesus Christ gave us our greatest treasure and asset today – the Holy Spirit – to be with us forever.

The Holy Spirit is the epitome of gentleness; the bible says He will take the things that belong to Jesus and show them to us. Isn’t that wonderful?

I so grateful to God for the beautiful relationship I enjoy with the Holy Spirit. My journey with Him started years ago when as a teenager I heard a great evangelist preach that the Holy Spirit is to us what Jesus was to His disciples. It hit me hard because as a young Christian then, I had a lot of unanswered questions about life. After listening to that evangelist, I began to have a deep hunger and thirst for the person of the Holy Spirit.

My thirst for Him, made me spend hours upon hours searching the scriptures, spending time alone in worship. After a series of visions and encounters, my love affair with Him began, bloomed, blossomed, and has resulted in the transformation of multiplied thousands around the world.

Pastor WD FavourThe Holy Spirit enabled me to enter into a rare and rich dimension of worship and intimacy with God. He’ll do the same for you too, if you’ll let Him.

One of the most powerful things I’ve experienced in my walk with the Holy Spirit is how He fortifies my faith. As Dr. Mike Murdock said sometime, “In His presence your doubts die.”

Oh! I absolutely love that: In His presence my doubts die. He fills my heart with faith. I’m certain that the Holy Spirit will help you have faith for healing. Just let Him. When you let Him take His place in your heart, He gives you deep reassurance regarding the certainty of the fulfillment of God’s promises in your life. After any of my numerous intimate fellowships with the Holy Spirit, I usually come out filled with tremendous boldness, because the Holy Spirit is such a phenomenal communicator of God’s faith!

Do you want to enjoy this beautiful walk with the most beautiful Person on the planet today?

Well, desire; desire is the key that draws Him. Then make a simple prayer and ask Him to be your personal friend.

I would encourage you to invite – or reinvite – the Holy Spirit into your life. He is the fire in us. He is the power at work in us. He is our ever present helper. Ask Him to come and take His place in your heart today.