Most People On This Planet Don’t Think

I have found out that most people on this planet don’t think. Real thinking is a rare thing; it seldom happens on earth. People feel, react, act, talk, but most don’t think. They typically hand over that responsibility to others. Consequently, success eludes them. Because personal success only happens when you can think your own thoughts and reach your own conclusions.

When you let other people do the thinking for you, you deteriorate into a slave. If you allow other people – whether in the guise of religion, school, culture, or education – to think for you, you will end up a victim of circumstances and manipulations. It is important that you get this.  Delegating the personal responsibility of thinking for yourself to others will leave you at the mercy of their whims and caprices.

God has given you a mind so that you can think your own thoughts. He gave you a mind so you can reach your own conclusions. Stop letting other folks think for you; start thinking for yourself. Personally, I practice this principle. And you can take advantage of the teachings and writings on my blog, because they encourage you to do your own thinking.

Learn to engage your mind in productive thinking. Learn to think for yourself, particularly when it comes to the things of the Spirit. Recently, I had training session with some members of my ministry where I taught them this. I said to them, “It is only what you find out in the word of God for yourself that is truly yours.” Of course, someone might teach you some things – like I do in my blog –however, your mind must be engaged. Your own faculties must be engaged so that you can make your own discoveries. Because it is what you find out for yourself that really belongs to you.

It is what you see in God’s word that belongs to you. Nobody can show you anything, you have to use your eyes to look, to observe, and to see. You have to use your mind to think, and to grasp the truth.  You have to use the eye in your heart to be able to see. You have to think your own thoughts and reach your own conclusions. Doing so accelerates your rate of personal success.

Memory Verse:
2 Timothy 1:7(KJV)

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and love, and of a sound mind.

Thank you Father for giving me a sound mind. Help me, Lord, to always use it to think my own thoughts and reach my own conclusions, in Jesus’ name.