Mission Spotlight

On the 17th of December, one of our Beautiful People Cheerful Givers, Dr Nneka Orji, will be leading a medical mission to Umori Eziachi in Orlu Imo state.

During this outreach her team will:

  • Conduct cervical cancer screening for about 50 women in that community.
  • Carry out mass deworming for the community.
  • Teach and do breast examination for women there.
  • Hand out drugs for malaria, diabetics and hypertension after the screening.
  • Distribute bags of rice to the less privileged.

This is something she’s doing personally. Completely motivated by selfless love. It’s  her little way of giving back to the community and to humanity.

“I have paid for it,” she insists. “No financial support needed please. Just everyone’s prayers.”

Now let’s pray for her as a family.

May God Who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food also supply and increase her store of seed and enlarge the harvest of her righteousness.
May she be enriched in every way so that she can be generous on every occasion.
And may her generosity result in thanksgiving to God.
In Jesus Name.