Mission Reports from Awka

Pastor WD Favour teaching at the Pneuma Bible Conference The past weekend was a great time for me. I travelled with Sharon (my wife) to the city of Awka, about 45 minutes from where we live here in the south eastern part of Nigeria.

I was there as the guest speaker at the Pneuma Bible Conference – a Holy Spirit retreat hosted by a young couple, Pastors David and Angela Akanwa, who are the founding Pastors of a young and growing Church called the Intimate Vessels Church.  WD_Dave_Angela1

As always, my principal objective in these retreats is to inspire my audience into deeper intimacy with God. I was especially eager to speak at this conference because it draws a 100 percent audience of young men and women almost entirely below the age of 30. Helping lay a godly foundation in the lives of young men and women, and thus help shape their future, is a calling I feel so honoured to undertake.

This conference attracted well over a hundred young adults, mostly from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University there in Awka.  So, as would be expected, the audience was predominantly comprised of university undergraduates.

I spoke on a wide range of issues, but always with the core purpose of challenging these young people to put God first in Cross section of the audience at the Conferencetheir priorities.  I called upon them to forsake negative habits, to re-dedicate their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ, and to open their lives to the grace and power of the Lord. During the Saturday morning session, I spoke on the subject of integrity in life and leadership – a major emphasis of mine when speaking to Nigerian youths.

IVC_ministering5 It was a great weekend. We prayed for those who were sick and there were healings and miracles. Many of these youngsters walked up to me to share their experiences. Someone who had been raped found peace and healing from the pain. She also found the grace to forgive.  Someone who had known no joy for over 6 years felt like a heavy  load was dropped from her heart and felt as happy as she had never felt in her life before!

A young man who had been burdened with lust and guilt found strength to walk away from inordinate relationships.

It was truly a weekend of transformation for everyone. I was so excited that I turned the closing moments of the conference into a dancing galore!  And, oh, how we all rocked…lol!

Thanks for all your prayers.

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