Miracles, Or a Bunch of Tricks?

As I wrote in  A Crash Course On Magic, a lot of what you see as success in ministries and businesses today are merely magical illusions –people trying to reproduce God’s results with tricks. This requires theatre, contraptions, gimmicks, deception, and a huge cast. For instance, to reproduce one simple miracle via magic, you may need a cast of a thousand performers, millions of dollars, and a stadium-full of gadgets!

Tricks require deception and to sustain deception is very expensive. To keep up the duplicity is very stressful.  You will need a lot of contraptions to do that. You will have to do a lot of gimmicks.

I watched a movie recently that showed how people perform magic. There were all kinds of gadgets under the stage. They had so many contraptions below the stage that made me realize that what people saw on the stage at the auditorium was actually a bunch of tricks and illusions. A lot of weird stunts were carried out behind the scenes.

You don’t need to employ tricks to be successful. You don’t have to use gimmicks to thrive. God doesn’t want your life to be full of tricks. You can have the finger of God working in your life to give you an advantage. The help of God in your life can give you the required edge over the competition. Don’t aim to employ tricks in what you do. You don’t have to. Believe God for authentic miracles.

A man once said that the realm of billions is the realm of magic. I actually understand what he is saying. A lot of the results that you see today are make-belief. Many of them are not real. This is why Apostle Paul warns us not to compare ourselves with anybody, because we don’t know how their results are being generated. Most of the results that you see today are manipulated.

We see it happening in some ministries today. A lot of people who claim to perform miracles in stadiums and miracle service,s for instance, go all out of their way to stage-manage the ‘miracles’. Most of them hire people who fake disabilities. In the course of the service, the preacher calls them out. They act as though they were healed. And then the innocent folks in the audience who don’t realize what is happening, start screaming. They become ecstatic. They think they just witnessed the power of God; not knowing that what they just saw was magic. The ‘miracles’ were simply stage-managed.

Magic is not supernatural. Magic is just natural tricks; only that the tricks are hidden from your view. There’s nothing divine about magic; it’s just a bunch of carefully concealed tricks.

Again, as I did in the previous post, I ask, do you want the tricks and make-believe of magic, or the clearly awesome manifestations of mighty miracles of the Almighty God?