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The concept expressed in this post – melting your money mountains – was distilled from a stage of the biblical account of Abraham’s journey to Mount Moriah to sacrifice his son Isaac.

Abraham's journey to mount moriah

Awareness of the lack of a principal resource

At a certain stage of the trip, just as they were about to ascend the mountain, Isaac spoke up:

“…where is the lamb for the burnt offering?” – Genesis 22:7

Isaac identified the lack of a principal resource for the fulfillment of their mission – the lamb.

Every family, individual life, mission, vision, or project will encounter this challenge at one or more stages of the journey – the lack of one or more principal resources. It is at these critical stages that dreams are aborted, projects abandoned, and missions ditched. This is the point of frustrations and disappointments. Many turn back at these points from pursuing the realization of their most cherished dreams. This is where achievers part ways with mere talkers; here’s where history makers separate from wishful thinkers.

Money is a principal resource for mission accomplishment

In order to live a live of relevance and fulfillment, a lot of vital resources are needed, such as time, energy, friendships, wisdom, and so on. Few resources, however, are as significant, principal, and strategic to the fulfillment of any mission as money. The monetary resource is so vital that the wise man, King Solomon, wrote:

“…money answereth all things” – Ecclesiastes 10:19

Due to it’s strategic importance, the lack of money has effectively grounded innumerable promising and enthusiastically initiated enterprises. I know this through my observations and experiences as a Christian Pastor, but also from personal experiences stemming from living on a continent globally described as the poorest…(a description I do not subscribe to anyway.)
Consequently, your capacity to melt your money mountains is essential to mission accomplishment and personal fulfillment.

The negative visions of your closest companions

Observe that at this stage of their journey, one of them – Isaac – identified the lack of a principal resource. He saw a lack. Yet, we know in retrospect, and from deeper reflections, that it was a mere illusion.
In fact, when you go beyond the obvious, beyond the bounds of human fears, you discover that lack is a mere illusion. When you look into the atmosphere, you see ’emptiness’, but that’s just because you can’t see the gases and other elements actively present there. The atmosphere seems empty, but is it?
Anyway, the fact remains that the perception of lack, though an illusion, presents a challenge to the individual who is pursuing a dream…so much that it can make you abandon your mission!

The intensity of the challenge of the illusion of lack, is further heightened by the negative visions of your close companions. So be wary!
By ‘negative vision’ I mean the acute awareness of the illusion of lack. This is a perverse form of faith.
Do not allow the negative visions of your close companions to incapacitate or derail your progress in life.
The worst thing to have around you are doubtful, fearful, negative, cynical, and small thinkers. They are attitude poisoners; they are dream killers.

Hence, your capacity to defeat the negative visions of your close companions is a key to melting your money mountains.

A high altitude awareness

High altitude awareness

You will never be able to counter and defeat the negative visions of those around you except you possess a high altitude awareness of the infinite possibilities of the divinity within you.
A high altitude awareness is a must for mission resourcefulness and accomplishment.

At this stage in their journey, at the point of their encounter with the illusion of lack, there were two individuals involved – Abraham, and Isaac. One of them, Abraham, was the primary determinant of the outcome of the journey, because he was the visioner and the leader. His judgment, decision, consciousness, awareness, choices, and courage, were critical to the success of the mission.
Fortunately, Abraham was functioning at a very high altitude of spiritual awareness:

  • He told the servants to wait behind, adding that “We will go and we will come back.” This was a clear indication that he expected to return with Isaac! So he knew something!
  • “…He reasoned that God could raise Isaac from the dead…” – Hebrews.11:17-19

It was this elevated spiritual consciousness that enabled Abraham triumph over the lack consciousness being projected to him by his less spiritually developed companion. As a result of this triumph, they moved on to the end of their mission and experienced a supernatural supply of the missing principal resource.

Because you are the primary determinant of the realization of your dreams, your decisions are vital, and your personal choices critical to your success. The decisions you make at your point of encounter with the illusion of lack is a make or break one!

The fact, however, is that the quality of decisions you make is only but the manifestation of the level of your inner awareness, consciousness, and spiritual development. If you have an elevated spiritual consciousness of the greatness of God within you, you will move beyond the illusion of any form of lack – such as lack of money – and ultimately experience a mysterious, if not supernatural supply of the missing resource.

A high altitude awareness of the infinite possibilities of the divinity within you is key to melting your money mountains.

A Liberal soulA liberal soul

Money is a spiritual force that bows to the liberal soul.

“The liberal soul shall be made fat…” – Proverbs 11:25

A liberal soul is descriptive of the mind that possesses a very high altitude awareness and consciousness of the infinite possibilities of the divinity within.
Your assets for greatness are not extraneous to you, they lie within you. Wealth is only but a state of mind; so is lack. If you think wealth, you attract it; if you think lack, you attract it.

To make rapid and continous progress in destiny, you must replace lack-consciousness with an abundance-mentality.

Thus, a liberal soul is key to melting your money mountains.

A stingy soul

Conversely, a stingy soul is inimical to melting your money mountains.
How do you recognize them?

  1. They don’t give. This is their most obvious quality.
  2. They are subtly selfish.
  3. They panic at the mention of money. Their knees buckle and bow when significant amounts of money are mentioned.
  4. Because they are afraid of money, and stingy in their souls, they hate the subject, often hiding under the guise of religion to mask this stinginess and fear.

If you don’t tactically edge these souls out of your missions and projects, their negative attitudes will poison yours and ultimately mar your personal success.

Melting your money mountains

In summary, melting your money mountains demands that you:

  1. Develop a high altitude awareness of the infinite possibilities of divinity within you.
  2. Cultivate a liberal soul.
  3. Defeat the negative visions of your close companions.
  4. Tactically edge stingy souls out of your missions projects.

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The Ecclesiastes verse (10:19) is totally taken out of context. It doesn’t mean that money is the answer to all problems, or that it makes the world go around. Rather, in the context of that verse (which completely reads: “Men prepare a meal for enjoyment, and wine makes life merry, and money is the answer to everything.”) Solomon was saying that money perpetuates problems…and it cannot redeem the soul, it can only bring about temporary mirth through what it can buy. There’s no salvation, no redeemable quality to it. It’s worthless because it provides no worth to the soul.


What a fantastic post.

You are indeed correct when you say if you think wealth you attract it and if you think lack you attract it.

I’ve learned this the hard way by cultivating lack consciousness over the past four years. But I’m working hard now to turn things around. Hopefully, I can now put the law of attraction to work for me in a positive way.


Wow, I did not know this – “…money answereth all things” – Ecclesiastes 10:19 – was in the bible.


As you said, this post is something one has to bookmark. So much information here.