Meeting My Crush

When I surrendered my heart to Jesus Christ at the age of seventeen, the first thing that I noticed was an overwhelming hunger for the Scriptures—especially the Gospels. I just couldn’t stop reading.

It literally became an obsession. The more I read, the more I wanted to read. To the point that I was going through the entire gospels multiple times every week!

And as I kept reading, one particular feature held my attention: The relationship between Jesus Christ and His disciples, plus the value of His physical presence to the people around Him. This all-knowing Godman in their midst could answer all their questions and solve all their problems.

I wanted that; and strongly envied those people. I wished I were living in that time so I could go to Him with all the questions and issues of my life.

Then one day, I heard the great Nigerian Evangelist, Uma Ukpai, talk about Jesus’ promise of the Holy Spirit in the following verse:

John 14:16 KJV
And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;

Evangelist Uma Ukpai — The great Nigerian Evangelist whose teaching from John 14:16 sparked my crush on the Holy Spirit.

As the Evangelist spoke, a light bulb went off in my head! Instantly, I knew that the Holy Spirit is the Jesus Christ of today!

That was it!

From that moment, I had only one desire: To meet the Holy Spirit in person and have an intimate, physical and personal relationship with Him—the exact same kind the disciples had with Jesus Christ.

This desire became all-consuming. It became overwhelming. It turned into an absolute obsession and I went crazy!

I developed an extreme crush on the Holy Spirit.

This drove me deeper and deeper into the scriptures. I was scouring through the Bible, line after line, marking every place I saw any form of reference to the Holy Spirit. I was searching for the secret on how to meet Him in person.

Initially, I didn’t make any progress at all. But that only made me more desperate.

Then one day I had a strange dream. In that dream I was standing on a mountain, looking down the valley. I could see a very beautiful pattern of diverse colors. It looked like a colorful flower garden. As I looked, I felt a tug on my right hand. Turning I saw a very little boy, maybe about four years old.

“Let’s go down. Let’s go down,” the little boy said as he tugged on my hand.

And before I could blink an eye, we were in the valley. There I noticed that what I thought were flowers were actually people. Different races, hairdos, colors, dressing, languages.

They were singing very beautiful worship songs. I felt goose bumps all over me. They were singing. They were speaking in tongues. They were prophesying. It was simply glorious. I felt the presence of the Lord everywhere.

I moved around enjoying the atmosphere and all that was going on.

At some point, I remembered the little boy. And when I turned I noticed he was nowhere to be found. I started looking for him.

That was when I woke up.

Instinctively, I knew there was something special about that dream. No one, however, could interpret it for me.

A few days later, a friend of mine gave me a book, “Good Morning Holy Spirit,” by Benny Hinn. I can’t remember much about the book now. Just that I enjoyed the story.

But there was a point in the book where I came across this statement: “The Holy Spirit is like a little child.” I was alone in our living room at about eleven o’clock in the night reading that book when I came across that phrase.

In that moment, I felt everything stop. I couldn’t continue reading. The hairs on my body stood up. I was tingling all over with strange electricity.

I knew someone was in the room.

Then I began to feel so dirty, so unclean, so sinful and wretched. I started crying and asking God to have mercy on me. I couldn’t think of any specific sin that I had committed, yet I felt so wretched; like I was the very worst sinner in all of creation. This went on for several minutes.

When it stopped, everywhere became quiet. No single sound. And I felt a cool breeze caressing me all over. So soothing.

Suddenly, I heard His voice. Crystal clear. Tingling all over me. Permeating every fiber of my existence. So softly He spoke:

“I am the Holy Spirit.”

That was when I lost it. I literally went into a convulsion of ecstasy.

He continued.

“I am the little child you saw in your dream. You were in a place of observation. But I took you to the place of participation.”

As He spoke, I realized that the reason I felt so sinful was that in the presence of Pure Infinite Holiness, the contrast heightened my awareness of my own rottenness. I thought I was white, until Pure White showed up. Then my white became dirty mud.

That night was when it all began. I finally met my Crush. I met the All Consuming longing of my heart. The love and chemistry was instant. And my life would never be the same again.

He has remained with me as Jesus promised. And we have gotten more and more intimate through the years. He continues to appear to me, to speak to me. He is to me today exactly what Jesus was to His disciples. He answers all my questions. And He deals miraculously with all my issues.

He is the treasure of my life. The best thing that ever happened to me.

My beloved Blissful People, my greatest desire for you is that you will have an overwhelming all consuming hunger for the Holy Spirit. I want this more than anything else for you.

May you desire and pursue the Holy Spirit as the only Treasure of your life. And may He grant you the ultimate blessing of seeing and knowing Him intimately all the days of your life.

In Jesus Name.