May You Forever Be Wrapped In The Love And Glory Of The Holy Spirit! In Jesus Name!

Because of the Mighty Presence Of The Holy Spirit, demons will not be able to remain in your life!

Isaiah 59:19 KJV
So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.

First it says when the enemy shall come—When; Not if.

So, the enemies will definitely come.
Demons of lack.
Demons of sickness.
Demons of discouragement and depression.
Demons of stagnation.
They will surely come.

Then it says the Spirit will lift a standard against him.

To lift a standard is to make something vanish in the twinkling of an eye. That’s what happens when you let the Holy Spirit fill you up.

Now you can spend all your days and night struggling with demons all the time trying to cast them out.
But, that is extremely stressful.
Besides, you may not be able to flush all them out—Roots and traces may remain here and there and regrow to sting you again.

But with the Holy Spirit, all the demons vanish instantaneously! No trace is left behind.

The Holy Spirit is super effective.
The Holy Spirit is the demon terrorist.
Demons cannot even stand for a second in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Let me illustrate this point further with a very interesting personal story. It happened so many years ago. I was just about 17 or 18 when this incident took place.

At that time I was part of a deliverance ministry. We were actively involved in praying for people and casting out devils. So, naturally, that caused me to be extremely conscious of devils.

On this particular night I woke up at just a little after midnight to pray as my custom was then. I woke up to carry out spiritual warfare.

The moment I got up, I went straight to the business of binding the devil and his demons. I arrested principalities and powers. I commanded divine fire to rain down on all witches and wizards within a million mile radius of my house.

This went on for almost an hour until I was exhausted.

Afterwards, I felt very good. I felt really good. I felt like I had given it to the demons.

Then I turned my mind to the Holy Spirit and began to worship Him with songs. Tears flowed down my cheeks as I felt His presence fill the entire room.

And as the pleasant awareness of His glory engulfed my entire being, I heard Him speaking quietly to me:

“Do you know you wasted the last hour?” He said.

“How Lord?” I responded in shock.

He continued.

“I woke you up to spend time with you. I woke you up to show you some things that you did not know. I woke you up to share some deep secrets of mine with you that will transform you in many ways.”

“But the moment you got up, you completely ignored me and went straight to binding the devil.”

“Yet, you know what? The moment my Presence manifested in your room to wake you, every single demon anywhere near you vanished instantaneously!”

Needless to say it was a very shocking, but illuminating experience for me. And it changed my life forever. It changed my approach to prayer, to worship, even to spiritual warfare.

If you will switch your mind to the Holy Spirit, instead of worrying about demons, if you will focus on experiencing and enjoying His sweet presence, no demon will be able to remain in your life.

May your spirit, soul and body always be completely focused on the Holy Spirit. May you forever be wrapped in His glory. May you dwell in His love all the days of your life. In Jesus Name.