May You Always Be In The Right Place, In Jesus Name!

In this life, success is really not always about talent and hard work; it’s more about being in the right place.

BIBLE STUDY | Genesis 3:9 NLT | Then the LORD God called to the man, “Where are you?”

Where was Adam? Clearly, he was not in the place God expected him to be. He had become displaced and misplaced!

Let me ask you this question today: Are you displaced, misplaced, or in place?

Places are important in God’s agenda for people. To enjoy God’s peace and joy, you need to be in place.

Now, when I say places I’m not talking about towns or countries. I’m rather talking about the focus of your mind. Are you thinking, “God is with me right here and now,” or “Oh my God! I’m finished!”?

If you are constantly thinking about things that terrify you and make you panic, then you always live in terror and defeat. And that means you’re out of place.

But if you’re constantly reminding yourself throughout the day that you are in God and He is in you, then you are in place. And you will always be full of peace, joy and sweet success.

Choose today to never allow anything or anyone distract and displace you from the presence of the Lord. As you resolve to remain in His presence, you will move into the life of joyful abundance He has planned for you.

PRAYER | Holy Spirit, please keep my thoughts always focused on You. Give me your peace, joy and sweet success today. In Jesus Name.