Today, together in the Holy Spirit. let us receive eternal life, health and happiness to live a highly blessed and favoured life forevermore.

Receive the Life Of God!

Let the life of God flow through you right now, releasing His grace and Favour upon you!

Testimonies are already happening as you read this message!

Multiple testimonies are pouring down right now from the Throne of Grace! Type in your amen immediately and start receiving your own portion!

He took away poverty from our lives. Henceforth, in the name of Jesus Christ, let poverty and lack be forever banished from your life!

On your behalf, I challenge my Faithful God to give you a resounding testimony today!

Receive Favour in Jesus name!

May God answer you by fire today, in Jesus Name!

Make sure you type your amen!


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Tim Addison
Tim Addison


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