Master Time

Yes, time is a gift from the Almighty.
But it’s not just a resource, it’s a force.  You either conquer this force, or it conquers you, making you it’s slave.

The future races into your present one second at a time, yet so fast you are most likely to waste it if you are not skillful, courageous, and wise.

It’s difficult to harness and manage a resource that’s pouring down at you at such a vicious and ferocious speed.

big-wave_surfingYou have to master time, to conquer it before you can use and ride it.  Until then, you remain a victim of time, trapped in the rhythm of the rising and setting of the sun

Like a horse, time must be ridden.
Like the tidal ocean waves, time must be surfed.

So, it takes skill to master time.
It takes courage and wisdom too.

But when you do, time serves you and works for you.

Time can be tamed, but only by force.
Hence, each of us is engaged in a fight, a race, against time.

Billions of people have been, are being, and will be conquered by time. They keep asking, ‘where did the time go?’
Well, it sped by why you slept, played, worked, and went through the mindless rituals of existence.
Most people come to the end of their lives wondering where all their time went.

Only the wise and courageous few conquer and master time.

The important thing is not the speed of time, but it’s quality, what is done with it.

Martin Luther King Jr. for instance used only 39 years, look what he did with it.
Moses lived 120 years, look what he did with it.
Jesus 33 and a half years, look what He did with it.

It’s not how long or how short, but how relevant, and how impactful you’ve lived – the value of your time to present and future generations.

Slow-paced, fast-paced are all matters of perception. What matters is the value of time used, to God, man, and yourself.

The future races into your present one second at a time, but you can slow it down!  And the point of slowing time down is to improve it’s use and output.  It’s this capacity to slow down time that I refer to as ‘mastery.’

It takes force to master time, because to accomplish this mastery, you’ll have to reject the hectic paradigm of 21st century living.  You must denounce the values of exploitative market forces, and resist the seducing spell of the manipulative expectations of other people.  To master time demands that you refuse to abide by the warped and perverted priorities of fallen humanity, and stay deeply rooted in God and in His word.

That way, it wouldn’t matter anymore whether you used 45 years here, or 120.

Immortality is only for those who truly master time, and only those have truly lived.