You are Here in this World to Make A Point

You are here in this world to make a point. You were created to make a divine statement. You were made to deliver a message. You are a unique idea from God!

Let’s assume you’re in business for example. The questions you should ask are: What is the soul of that business? What is the identity of that business? What is the message of that business? You’re not just there to buy and sell. You’re not just there to make money.

If you are in ministry, you should also take the pains to find out and understand the message that God has given you as an individual. God wouldn’t call you to preach any and everything that bumps into your head . You are not even called to everybody.

There’s a point to your life. There’s a message to your life. You are from God; sent into time to make a point. You are from the Father; sent into time to reveal Him to humanity. That’s why you are here. You are here to reveal a dimension of God that has never been before, and will never be after you’re gone; and can only be seen and known through you.

You need to know exactly what that point is. Then, ensure that any other thing you’re doing – your relationships, teachings, clothes you design, your organization, you’re organizing, everything you do – is used to make that point.

Understand: You will never be fulfilled by the mere accumulation of money, or material possessions. You will only be fulfilled when you make that point for which you came into this world. You know why? Fulfillment is the satisfaction of the Father deep inside you.

Fulfillment is the participation of your consciousness in the satisfaction of the Father. Fulfillment is deeper than happiness. Fulfillment indicates that the One from Whom you came from, the Father of your spirit, the Spring from Whence you came is happy and satisfied that there has been a successful expression of that variety of Himself. Whenever that happens you experience fulfillment; otherwise, you’ll continue to experience frustration in various shades; an endless quest for something you don’t know.

So, have you discovered the point you were sent to make? Ponder on that!