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Our home church meetings have now become so exciting we just can’t wait for the next one!

This week we registered several testimonies – including that of one of us who got a new job – and couldn’t help commencing with a special segment of praise to God. Then we proceeded to intercessory prayers for our loved ones, and our nation as well.

The theme for our interactive bible study was ‘Live Your Best Life’. We drew inspiration from 1Timothy 6:17 and John 10:10.

The interactive segment was something else; not just in terms of the enthusiasm with the theme, but the fascinating manner in which members made their contribuions.

I had asked the members about their most remarkable actions over the past decade, and so the atmosphere was filled with joy as most members reflected on how their lives have blessed others.
Then I encouraged them not to let their lives be determined by external circumstances. “If you do,” I said, “you will live a sub-standard life, a life God didn’t plan for you.”

I also noted that it is crucial each day to move closer to what we want, and move away fom we you don’t want, knowing that our choices and actions determine the value of our lives.

Afterwards we joined hands and prayed.

As we rehearsed for our song presentation for Sunday, we discussed on the need to walk the narrow path of dedication.

Next week we shall be discussing ‘Take Full Control Of Your Life’.

Stay tuned.


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Deborah Alinda
Deborah Alinda

You can live your best life if you appreciate yourself and appreciate God for what he has made you to be. This reminds me of sermon on giving that if you want to learn to give you can start by giving yourself the best of what you have, if you are rearing chicken pick out the biggest cock enjoy the soup.
By the way on ‘Giving that works 3’, little did i know that i have to be a consistent giver. I have not been consistent to some extent…


I bless God for the testimonies, I’m in the queue… “…our choices and actions determine the value of our lives. ” I like this. Keep the fire burning.

God bless you all.