Revelation 2:29 ESV | “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”

Every word written and spoken here is what the Holy Spirit is saying to us, Blissfuls. God does not have a future. In Him, the future is now. So, sometimes His word may be addressing something you’re yet to experience. Therefore, always embrace His every word whenever you hear it.

He told me that as we keep listening and yielding to Him, He will move us from rituals to reality. From dead religion to deep spirituality. From reading dead letters to receiving living words. He also said He’s bringing us into unfamiliar places and uncommon experiences in Him, but that we should guard against reasonings and logic that exalt themselves against His truth and can stop His manifestation in us.

Holy Spirit, deliver us from our flesh. Help us to submit totally to you. Help us to discern you in everything. Help us to listen to You and to hear You.