The knowing that everything you ever desired, hoped or wished for, is accessible and within your reach, creates a feeling of joy, happiness, and elation.

These feelings encapsulated our minds as we studied the Word of God from Jeremiah 32:27.

There, the Lord posed a serious question, “I am the Lord, the God of all flesh, is there anything too hard for me?”

Everytime, I come across this scripture, I scream, “No! Nothing is too hard for my God.”

My spirit is lit up because it assuages my innermost thoughts and beliefs, that the possibilities of God are limitless.

It tells me that no circumstance can hold me back!

It tells me that no dead end can stop me from moving on and emerging victorious!

It tells me that no situation can override my His goodness that endures forever!

It reaffirms my beliefs, that though the facts are glaringly negative, the truth is, we are destined for extraordinary greatness!

It simply tells me; Forge ahead!, as nothing can stop you!

With this in mind, I asked every member of the Infinity Home Church to make 5 prayer requests to God, and expect speedy answers.

I asked God for renewed grace, and the strength to love and serve Him more, all to His admiration and praise.

Uche said, “Just like cold water poured on a hot rock, so was this timely message refreshing to my soul.”

Chummy said, “This Word reminds me, that we serve a God of limitless possibilities, whose potency at work is ever-increasing.”

I was in awe at the level of interaction with His Word, and dumbstruck at His show of deep love for us, during our thanksgiving session.

We strengthened our resolve to love Him more, and always testify of His goodness in our lives.

Have a lovely weekend and remain blessed.

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