This is Life’s Most Important Question

As I learned more on the Infinite dimensions of God, I had to reexamine myself to reassess the revelation of God that He has given me. I realized that God revealed Himself to me basically as a Consuming Fire. I understand fire in a way I can’t explain. I understand it the way no other person does and when you watch my life you just see fire.

One might wonder at this because I appear so cool and quiet. However, it is not so. Wherever fire goes, it destroys things. It devours and leaves no room for anything. This is why you always see changes in my life. It’s the reason there are usually so many innovations. Nothing stays the same. Nothing can be stagnant with me. The revelation of the fire of God in me always stirs and challenges the normalcy and the status quo around me.

Do you understand what I’m saying?

I’d like you to think about your life now. How has God revealed Himself to you? Put in another way, what is your mission in this world? Or better still, who are you? The three questions I’ve just asked you are basically one. I just asked you the same question in three different ways.

  • How has God revealed Himself to you?
  • What is your mission in this world?
  • Who are you?


When you rephrase the question, it means, why are you here? This is life’s most important question. Because, the moment you answer it correctly, and let the answer control, guide, and dictate your life, you step into the only path to immortality. You become immortal.

Now, if you can’t answer that question in time, you’re gone. If you don’t have your own correct answer to this life’s most important question, you lose your identity.  This is because without God, you have no existence. He is your essence so without Him, there is no life.