Like the scorching heat of the sun
that brings to the fore,
and lends publicity to the soothing effect
of the ice-cold water, that trickles down your throat
on a tropical hot sunny day;
like the stern, palpably thick darkness,
at night, in a humble Soweto village,
that creates a delicious chance for each
ray of light
from an old woman’s weak wick lamp,
to shine and showcase its sovereign smartness
and splendor over darkness;
so your disadvantages are a meet platform,
that brings to the limelight,
the forever-selling genius within you.

The foregoing is a description of our discussion in this week’s meeting.

We studied Joel 2:25.

God restores your lost years, but He doesn’t do it arbitrarily; the process is activated by you.

God has programmed His restorative ability to respond to those who get inspired by their disadvantages – who set out to turn their obstacles into stepping stones.

Every challenge should motivate you to go for greater heights. Disadvantages give you an opportunity to shine, just as darkness gives light the opportunity to display.

Experiences are meant to give us mastery over life’s circumstances.You must have the instinctive ability to pursue, overtake, and recover all wherever you are disadvantaged or have failed.

People with a seed of greatness, when disadvantaged, vigorously seek out ways to attain greatness-creatively utilizing their “disadvantages”. They know they have a date with destiny and cannot afford any excuses.

It is in your strong-willed, retaliative efforts to release your virtues, despite your circumstances, that you leverage your disadvantages to the point people begin to associate such “disadvantages” with greatness; like an offended, wounded lion, you fiercely come back at the offence and take your pound of flesh.”

We understudied people who exemplify this concept:

  • Zaccheus (Luke 19:1-10): His short stature inspired him to think ahead of the crowd and position himself strategically for true greatness.
  • David (I Samuel 30:1-25): He responded to the instincts of greatness in him by pursuing and overpowering the Amalekites.
  • Nick: born without limbs, but today has become a globally acclaimed motivational speaker.
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