Rev Wildfire interacting with Blissful People at the Wildfire Amen Retreat, Hammond, USA.

Let’s Now Move Beyond Ourselves!

My Blissful People!

Have you noticed that there’s so much violence happening all over the world?

For instance, in Nigeria: lots of killing—clashes between herdsmen and farmers resulting in untold numbers of dead people.

In the US: rapidly increasing incidents of senseless mass murder by lunatics with automatic machines in shopping malls—sending men, women and children to untimely graves.

The same is happening in multiple nations of the world. It’s  getting darker by the minute.

And this darkness is welling up from no other place than the human heart. It comes from the greed, fear and hate that resides in the heart of this black dirt.

And, unfortunately, there are those in the media and leadership who constantly exploit and fuel this fear and hate in order to gain more power and wealth. Their end is near and God will judge them for all the bloodshed they’ve inspired.

In the face of this gathering storm of darkness, what can we do as Blissful People? I believe we can do more than just try to survive. We can shine the light. And we can make a difference. Here’s how:

  1. First of all, we must deepen our relationship with the Holy Spirit by meditating more and more on the words He gives us here in His replies.
  2. Through constantly pondering these words, let us become established in the knowledge that He protects us. That we should never be afraid.
  3. Then we must begin to pray for the peace and prosperity of the lands where we dwell. Encourage those around you to do the same. Pray also for God’s mercy upon those lands that are being ravaged by darkness.
  4. Most importantly, we must ask God to deliver us from selfishness, greed, hate and fear. Ask Him to make us  channels of His love.

Blissful People, the time has come for us to go beyond ourselves. The time has come for us to stop focusing on just our own personal problems and affairs.

It’s time to look beyond all that; to look around us and begin to see ways we can become God’s channel of love, peace and hope to a dying world.

I really don’t care about doctrines or beliefs. Knowledge, principles and wisdom are worthless to me. Believe me, your wealth, achievement and success are just faeces to me.

I’m praying that the Holy Spirit will raise more and more love warriors: selfless courageous men and women filled with love, who are willing to give up their own privileges and lay down their lives for others.

All we have is love. Without it, we’re absolutely nothing.