Let Us Return To The Holy Spirit

Let me begin this message by appreciating each one of you that gave cheerfully and generously to the Holy Spirit during yesterday’s Financial Favour Friday—including all that wanted to but weren’t able to. The Holy Spirit Himself will surely multiply a thousand times harvest of your gift back to you. He will enrich you in every way. In Jesus Name. AMEN

Now here are some amazing testimonies of debt cancellation.
One was posted on last week’s Testimony Thursday. The other was posted on this week’s Testimony Thursday—Both as a result of the move of the Holy Spirit through the ongoing Prayer Connect.


As you read these testimonies, let the same debt-cancelling anointing flow through your own life and set you free in Jesus Name! AMEN!

I saw a hunchback. The hump was extraordinarily huge and heavy. So much that this individual was almost bent double with the weight and pain of this issue.
And as I looked the humpback exploded and it’s contents splashed everywhere. The humpback completely disappeared!
This person was now standing completely erect. Light! Excited! Jumping and praising the Lord!
You have borne a heavy yoke of debt. It has plagued you for years and years. It has completely damaged you and broken you completely. It has ruined your life and your relationships.
It’s an altar of demons in your life.
Now you’re completely delivered! The debt is gone! The disease is gone!

You know what the main problem is in the Body of Christ?
It’s that she has neglected the Holy Spirit and gone after the wretched wisdom of this world that only bears the fruit of stress.

Jeremiah 2:13 NIV
“My people have committed two sins: They have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water.

You have ignored the Holy Spirit; the wonder-working, supernatural power of God.
He is the one that brought this fantastic universe into existence. Without Him God could do nothing, and Jesus Christ Himself would be powerless.
He is the power that split the Red Sea and caused three million people to pass through on dry land.
He is the power that fed them for forty years from the sky.
He is the power that fed five thousand men with nothing but five loaves of bread and two fish.
He is the power that raised a rotten dead man from the grave after four days.

Yet you neglect Him.
You go after the pathetic wisdom of the world.
And as a result you’ve become slaves of the rat race! Hypnotized and bound in the hollowness and frustrations of worldliness.

But the time has come to say enough is enough!
It’s time to arise and go back to the Holy Spirit!
Return to Him with all your hearts.

I saw a married woman that was being eaten up by strange diseases stemming from a life of fornication and adultery.
Stay away from fornication and adultery. It’s rotting your bones now.
Your body is full of strange diseases.
Your walk with God is in shambles.
You don’t recognize yourself again.
The Holy Spirit loves you.
But He doesn’t love the lifestyle you’re living.
Receive His mercy now.
Receive His deliverance.
Receive His grace.

Lord help us. Bring us back from our waywardness and prostitution with the world and her ways. Please, Holy Spirit, help us to return to you and remain fully devoted to you all the days of our lives. In Jesus Name! AMEN!