Let The Holy Spirit Lead You

PSALM 23:5 | “… You anoint my head with oil…”

In the Scriptures, oil is symbolic of the anointing of God—the Holy Spirit. And this oil lives in you.

The Holy Spirit (the oil and anointing of God) lives in you.

But, He doesn’t want to just stay inside. He wants to flow to your head. In other words, He wants to teach you all things. He wants to guide you into all the truth. He wants to lead you in the path God has chosen for you.

Will you let Him?
You should.

When He is in charge, when you’re not rebelling against Him and living in the flesh, He makes things easier; releases tremendous creativity, wisdom, and good ideas into your mind.

When you let Him lead you, He will cause the right doors to open. He will bring the right people across your path. He will make things go smoother.

Remember, He loves you very much. You can trust that His guidance will make things easier, and you will graciously and favorably glide into the life of favor He has designed for you!

Get on your knees right away and say, “Holy Spirit, I submit to you. Please help me follow your guidance.”