Let It Go (2) : To Err Is Human

Luke 17:1 KJV | “Then said Jesus unto the disciples, ‘It is impossible but that offences will come.'”

When people behave in a manner contrary to what you expect from them, you are bound to be offended. And they will. Human beings have flaws. No one is perfect. Some folks may appear perfect, until you get closer and realize things are not always as they seem from afar.

So, what do you do? You have to deal with your expectations. Have no expectations from anyone. You experience less heartbreak this way. Though, this is easier said than done. Because, from childhood to adulthood, we have been conditioned to have certain basic expectations from our relationships.

If the Holy Spirit is able to get you to relate with people without expectations, you will experience less hurt from people. Because you expect nothing from them, they can’t disappoint you. However, it takes help from the Holy Spirit to remove decades of conditioning. Ask the Holy Spirit today to help you love and give without expectations.