Dr Chidinma Njoku Often in life, the negative experiences we have not only ‘teach’ us, they have a nice way of preventing us from letting go and moving on to the next level. Thus, we suspiciously view things through the mirror of our experiences. Unfortunately,the inability to let go results in a timid approach to life that hinders us from achieving our deep-seated dreams and desires.

In the course of our home church meeting this week, we studied the above phenomenon. We realized that to change our current realities, we need to mind what we are focusing on, as what you focus on, multiplies.

We looked at what the apostle Paul had to say about this:

‘But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead.’ ~ Philippians 3:13

No wonder he was able to achieve all he did in his lifetime.

We figured out that one should place one’s focus on the mirror of God’s word; simply partner with God by agreeing with what He has said concerning us in His word.

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who is the fairest of all?

The above is a line from the popular tale of  Snowwhite and The Seven Dwarfs. The tale has it that Snowwhite’s wicked step mum had a mirror that could tell who was the most beautiful in the land and the mirror never told lies.

As people of God, we have something superior – the mirror of God’s word. You are who and what He says you are. For crying out loud, who knows more about a product than the maker? So let go and let God’s word.

Gideon in the book of Judges 6, decided to let go of his past negative experiences at the hands of Midian [ Israel’s oppressors at that time] and embrace what he saw in the mirror of God’s word as shown to him by an angel of God. His life and that of his fellow Israelites never became the same, simply because he chose to let go and let God’s word.

Let go of that abuse experience!

Let go of that betrayal by a loved one!

Let go of that experience at the hands of that creditor!

Let go of that failure at trying some thing new!

And let God’s word!

God bless you.

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