Led By the Holy Spirit (6)

What if your whole mind were completely immersed and wrapped up in the Holy Spirit? What if all of your thoughts were focused on Him all the time? What if hundred percent of your time is spent fellowshipping with Him?

Then your cup will always overflow without you even trying. You will always win in life without stress. You will literally be walking on the storms and turning the world the right side up, just like Jesus did!

This is the true and powerful message of the second part of Psalm 23:5.

Psalm 23:5b NIV
…You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.

A new week spreads out before you. A fresh opportunity to commit to being completely led by the Holy Spirit in every area of your life.

Please let go of the cares of this dying and miserable world. Shun the hustle and bustle. Reject the rat race. Take the higher way of the Holy Spirit.

Your world is waiting to drink from your overflow as you relentlessly follow after the Holy Spirit.