Led By The Holy Spirit (5)

The Holy Spirit is with you. Always. But, is He in charge? Is He leading you? Or are you running your own life, doing whatever pleases you?

Only those led by the Holy Spirit are the true sons and daughters of God; because, that is the only way to bear His fruits.

Those who are led by the Holy Spirit begin by sincerely doing two things.

First of all, accept in your heart that the Holy Spirit is always with with you and lives in your heart. This is true. He is already there; with you and in you. Accept this as your reality.

Secondly, ask Him to help you surrender daily and completely to Him. Without His help, it is impossible for any human being to surrender to Him. So, ask Him to help you.

These two things are just a start, but, really, they’re all you need to do. The Holy Spirit will do the rest.