Think More In Terms Of Leaving An Enduring Legacy

Elijah set up different schools of the prophets and developed them. He had to change his approach to solving his nation’s apostasy. He evolved from a fire-spitting prophet, into a far more effective leader; so that by the time he was going back to God, he could look back to a nation that was more like what he dreamed of: a nation where Baal was no longer competing with Jehovah. He could look back to a nation and see thousands of men running with his vision, with his message, with his dream.

As a matter of fact, when Elijah’s protege, Elisha, was returning from seeing Elijah off to heaven, he manifested the same power that Elijah had. Consequently, all those sons of the prophet came under Elisha and Elisha began to lead them.

So Elijah was able to set up a nation-wide network of organized groups of men; institutions that continued to execute his vision long after he was gone from the scene. These thousands of prophets were now grouped into schools in different locations, and Elisha whom he mentored became their leader.

Elijah had fulfilled his mission. And long after he had departed from the scene, his message continued. His work continued. His vision endured.

Had Elijah continued pursuing earthquakes and fire, he might never have been able to execute his assignment. He needed to become more strategic. He came to that turning point where he sent the signal to God that, ‘Hey, I’m not interested in fire if there’s no point to it. I’m not interested in causing the clouds not to release rain if it won’t fulfill my mission. I’m interested in transforming my nation.’

As you look ahead this year, I want to encourage you to walk in the footsteps of Elijah. Think more in terms of lasting relevance, long-term impact, lasting influence and leave an enduring legacy as you fulfill your God-given mission.