Learn To Love Your Assignments

You must cultivate a passion for your assignments from God. No matter what God tells you to do, cultivate a passion for it. Cultivate a passion for the work the Father has given to you. So the first attitude you must develop towards your work is love.

Learn to love your assignments. And pray each day that the Father will plant in your heart a passionate love for your assignments.

The second attitude you must cultivate towards your work is diligence. You must show consistency in your assignments. The Bible says the Father is always at His work.  Be your own critic and ask yourself, ‘Am I always at my work? Or am I just at it sometimes?’ Diligence is key to excelling at your work.When you find out what your assignment from God is, there is always something you need to do to push that work forward at each point in time.

For instance, I keep thinking about our media project and our outreaches. Each day, I ask myself, ‘How can I make it better?’ In whatever you’re doing you have to ask yourself, how can I make this better? How can it be more excellent? How can I make it faster? How can I make it more efficient? In other words, it’s not just enough to love it; move it forward to higher levels of excellence through diligence.

Learn to love your work but also learn to be consistent in your work. Every minute of the day work at what you do. Sometimes you work at it conceptually.  You try to evolve new means and ways of making things better. Sometimes you work at it physically. But at each point in time, be about that expression that the Father has given to you. And the beauty of it all is that when you go about it like that, you’ll find a lot of fruitfulness, a lot of joy, a lot of fulfillment. You look forward to waking up each day. Life becomes pleasurable and not a drudgery.