8. Learn To Accept Yourself

We are all born with one imperfection or the other. You may have one, or two, or even very many flaws that plague your life. Maybe whenever you remember it, you are discouraged. You wish with your whole heart that you didn’t have such flaws. But, before you ask God to change you, first thank Him for who you are. l encourage you to learn to accept yourself in spite of the imperfections that dog your steps.

I know you want to be better than you are. I’m sure you want to have a better personality. You don’t want to be lazy, timid, irritable, procrastinating, hot-tempered, or shy. Remember, however, that you didn’t choose the flawed personality that you came into the world with. That’s what you were given; that’s what you have.

You may have a timid, fearful, hot-tempered, easily distracted or procrastinating personality, and you just don’t like it. Maybe you admire your friend, that motivational speaker, or even your colleague in the office and wish you were like them. You make attempts to push the lump of clay away because you want a sparkling glass cup.

But then again, it seems to me like God in His wisdom put the sparkling glass cup that you seek inside the lump of clay. And the only way to get the glass cup out of the lump of clay is if you can accept the lump of clay and be grateful for it. If you can truly embrace the lump of clay and be thankful for it, then something will start to happen to you. Suddenly, something begins to flow through your mind, and through your hands. Then you find that you are able to change the lump of clay into your desired glass cup.

Learn to accept yourself; that’s your secret to true and lasting metamorphosis.

Memory Verse:
2 Corinthians 4:7

But we have this treasure in jars of clay…

Father, I thank You for who you have made me. I choose not to allow the imperfections that I see in my life to make me loathe myself, in Jesus’ name.