Keep The Dream Alive!

When we were kids, we had fantastic dreams.

It was so easy to dream then because we didn’t ‘know’ enough to think that anything was impossible. We believed we could fly and that money could fall from the sky to meet our every needs.

Whatever happened to those dreams.

Have you ever at any point dreamt of a life that is better than what you have now?

If I may ask, what happened to those dreams?

What happened to the big dreams you had sometime ago?

What happened to that belief that you could do anything?

I recall the story of a blind man sitting at the gate of the temple in ancient Jerusalem and begging for alms from those who came to worship. The blind man in the story could not imagine any other option or alternative other than a life of lameness and begging. He probably didn’t dare to dream of a reality where he wouldn’t have to beg, where he could be walking on his two legs. All he could dare to expect was trickles of coin and left-overs from other people’s charities.

Probably because that’s what the society had conditioned him to expect as a result of his lameness.

When the two disciples of Jesus, Peter and John who were passing, said “Look on us,” they were offering him a possibility…a life he couldn’t bring himself to dream of.

In the solitude of his heart, I can imagine that he’d often thought, “I wish I could walk,” and most likely, he dared not believe it, hope for it, expect it…he dared not.

Dare to dream big.

Don’t see the world as it is…see it as it should be…as you can make it.

Of course, there will be stumbling blocks along the way, and you are bound to make lots of mistakes. But don’t ever give up no matter what happens. Keep the dream alive!

If you don’t stop dreaming…if you don’t stop taking conscious and courageous steps towards your dream, God will soon make a way for you to fulfill that dream.

Enlarge your dreams!

Envision great things for yourself!

Dare to embrace all of the possibilities of God, and of life!
Small thinking is as bad as negative thinking.

Small thinking inevitably leads to small living.

Never allow your circumstances, your experiences, your background, and your environment to place limits on your expectations.

Maybe someone has infected you with a negative attitude.

Could it be that somewhere along life’s journey, you allowed yourself to become ‘programmed’ for mediocrity? Or, probably, you’ve never been taught that you can be powerful beyond measure. Could it be that along the way, you succumbed to a conditioning to go with the crowd, to be just one more head in the pool of humanity?

One of life’s tragedies is that there will always be people who will try to keep us from rising to our ultimate heights by infecting us with their fears and doubts.

Yet, there are other options and there are choices.

Are you in a place where you are just marking time and trying to survive?

Are you trying to play it safe and maintain the status quo?

I’ve written this post to challenge you…to put a new option on the table!

Anything is possible, if you can dare to believe!

It’s up to you!
Dare to believe!

It’s up to you.

How far can you see? What is the length, breath, height, and depth of your imaginations, your dreams, and your expectations?

Anything is possible, if you can dare to believe!

It’s entirely up to you.
Dare to step out!

You really can realize your loftiest dreams- if only you can dare act by faith!

And exactly here is your major challenge.

Walking by faith demands that you move out of your comfort zone – where you feel safe and secure with what you know even if it’s a miserable situation. You need courage to step out and pursue your deepest dreams.

Work with the secrets of those who have done the ‘impossible’.

Change your thought from “What if I fail?” to “What if I succeed? Then what?”

Would that scare you? It shouldn’t!

When you dare to believe, and step out of your comfort zone, you provoke God to come to your aid even when you are failing in the process.

Don’t stay in your cocoon of fear and timidity wishing and praying that things were different.

Dare to step out in faith and dare to believe.

Great men had to act in spite of their fears;

What would you do?

What would you do if you had all the money in the world this very moment?

What would you do if you knew it was impossible to fail?

Take a moment and think of it.

Then, step out of your little boat and do it!!

Dare to do something you’ve been afraid to do!

Dare to do something you couldn’t do before!

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I always dreamed big. I managed to dream bigger and bigger and still increase that.

So I decided to support children who dream big and go for their dreams. How?

I am building Astrataler, a charity which connect people who live their dreams and are willing to mentor children which match the above criterias.

People arround the world support this. As you can imagine the more join this movement the more children will learn to manage to go for their dreams and dream big as adults too.

Than they will mentor children.

Are you living your dreams? Are you still dreaming big? are you willing to support Astrataler?

The earlier things come alive the earlier Astrataler can start to support children.

There are heaps of children who are worth to be supported as early as possible.

If you are interested on further information
notify me via twitter: LarissaGlueck

Enjoy letting your dreams come true this year



Thanks Judy. Nothing is as fulfilling as doing what you love, what you are so passionate about. I’m glad you’ve found your own labor of love. Thanks for your comments.

Judy Rey Wasserman
Judy Rey Wasserman

I am doing exactly what I would do if money is not a problem and I could not fail! I am an artist who is actually changing the way people see the world, through a new theory of Post Conceptual art called UnGraven Image. When I began I thought I would inspire people to understand that the essences of the physical universe, the strings of elementary physics and the words of the Creator from Genesis 1 are everywhere. It urns out that this new way of painting provides visual information to the brain. So when a person sees it enough, and creates emany visual mempories, the brain begins to decode the impressions of light received from the eyes using this new information too. The result is people can see more of the energy that is everywhere, which for believers are the words of the Creator. So I wrote a book about it that is more like a personal visual self inspirational seminar as it involves many Visual Exercise/Experiences. As I have stumbled along my path I have discovered many new and blessed ramifications, met new people and wondered at how much better my new “job” is than I ever could… Read more »

Debbie Lane
Debbie Lane

Very true and great reminders for us all! Dream BIG!


I appreciate all of the comments so far on this post. They have helped to enrich the message that I’m trying to pass across to my readers. Don’t let any thing, and I mean, anything at all, stop you from dreaming. Remember, it really costs nothing to THINK BIG!



Keep up the wonderful posts! Most people stop short of thinking BIG! Dreamers think BIG!

But, just being a dreamer won’t do… just like you said… You have to ACT! Take Action… TAKE MASSIVE ACTION!


thank you for this powerful message. I do hope and pray that many readers will be inspired to dream big and to act accordingly. Blessings – Ingrid

Kikolani | Poetry, Photography, Blogging Tips
Kikolani | Poetry, Photography, Blogging Tips

I think that the problem when we grow up is that we are taught by experience that reality is a limitation to our dreams, and that we would rather not dream than be disappointed by dreaming big. The only way to really dream big and go for it is to let go of the mental limitations of reality. To say, assuming this barrier were no longer there, what would I do. Then attack that barrier with the confidence that you can make it to that goal.

~ Kristi


Wonderful article! Perfect timing! Extremely well written! Keep’em coming!