Just Make Sure It’s Sincere

I’ve been going through our various prayer requests since yesterday. And reading through these prayers, praying over them, one thought keeps popping up in my mind:

Does she really want these? Does he really want these?

In my experience so far with the Holy Spirit in the area of intercession, I’ve come to the conclusion that you really have to be sincere and very clear about what you want.

Writing down prayer requests, asking for prayers—even praying in itself—shouldn’t be a mindless game. Instead, it’s a serious issue; because God answers prayers.

God answers prayers. God answers prayers.

But He looks into your heart first to see if you really want those things. Because He wants to give you the desires of your heart. He wants to give you gifts that mean something to you; gifts you’ll deeply appreciate; gifts that will tremendously fill you with joy and improve the blissfulness of your existence.

I’m looking forward to the coming season of Prayer Connect that will be starting soon, God willing. This is why I’ve started to assemble your prayer requests. Because all I’ll do during this Prayer Connect season is to pray to the Holy Spirit to grant all these requests.

I’m not interested in teaching you, or telling you how to live your life. That’s really not what the Holy Spirit sent me here to do for Him. He sent me to pray. So I want to focus on that.

But He told me He won’t even notice prayers that don’t mean anything to the individual—that is, insincere prayers; prayers that are mindless and do not express what you really really want.

So, please take some time and think very seriously about what you want me to tell the Holy Spirit on your behalf this Prayer Connect season. Make sure it’s what you really want. Make sure it’s very important to you. Make sure it will fill your heart with joy and improve the blissfulness of your existence.

Then click on the button below to add your prayer requests to the Prayer Requests List for the 2020 Prayer Connect season.

It doesn’t matter how many, how long, or how detailed the prayers are. I will pray over them patiently. Just make sure they’re sincere.