Join The Home Church Movement!

The home church movement is growing in leaps and bounds. Couples who have received the revelation behind the movement are starting their own home churches.

A few weeks ago, I was at Sapele, Nigeria for a prayer program. The head of the family that hosted us told me he wanted to start his own home church! I said, “Why not?” So right now they have home church meeting in that home. Their little three-year old is a powerful drummer! Recently, we watched one of his performances on the family’s home video! It’s just amazing; interestingly, the little boy’s name is Amazing! I am grateful to God for that testimony.

Their experience is just one of many that is now being replicated around the world as many couples and families embrace the home church movement. We are witnessing a move of God and I know it’s going to escalate, because this is from God.

Here’s the message:

  • The church of the living God should be in people’s homes.  
  • Every man is the pastor of his family – the pastor of his wife, and the pastor of his children.

For instance, in our communion, Citizens Family — which is just a fellowship of autonomous home churches — every father is a pastor. Today, a wedding day doubles as an ordination day! As a man is being wedded, he is also ordained to pastor his wife, children, household, and as many as the Lord our God will add to him. In addition, every month, all our home churches gather for our Family Renewal Communion, where we encourage one another to remain true to the faith.

In this movement, there is no distinction between family and business; no distinction between family and ministry, as unfortunately exists in Christian circles today. In addition, this movement will put religious charlatans out of business. Swindlers who steal people’s money in the name of religion will have no platform to ply their trade. Con men who exploit unsuspecting folks will find no hiding place to carry out their nefarious schemes. People will be free. Nobody will be in bondage again. This is a message of personal freedom. People will be free from the religious manipulation that has hijacked the church of God.

I thank God for all the home churches that have sprung up. God has orchestrated this for us; nothing can stop it. We trust Him that we will be seeing many more families join this movement from all over the world. God is doing amazing things in our midst and we are excited.

Home Church in Session

I encourage you to not only participate, but also, to begin to think about your own home church. And by that, I mean your family; the household that you will build up for the Lord.

If you need help in starting a new home church, or sound spiritual support in growing an existing one, get in touch here!