It’s Prosperity Time!

I see a wave of supernatural provisions blowing your way! Receive right now in Jesus Name!
It’s prosperity time!

Listen to Him: You will not be disgraced! You will not be put to shame!

With God there is no hopeless situation!
Receive your miracle right now in Jesus Name!

The forces of darkness will not prevail over you!
You are a winner!

Today I feel tremendously confident that God will fulfill His promises to you. May He strengthen your inner being.

It matters who you surround yourself with. Avoid those that are constantly judging, condemning and trying to fix you. Instead move towards those that encourage and build you up.

Please, do not inherit the limitations of others. What took others 20 years, might take you just 3 days! What cost others 20 million, might cost you nothing. I know what I’m talking about!

All things are possible! God is able to do immeasurably more than anything you can imagine. Dare to believe!