Introducing The Wildfire Retreat

The antsy quest to satisfy the ‘basic needs’ of modern life constitutes an evil spell. It’s more common name is the rat race. And at its root lies a very malignant virus: worldliness—the adoption of worldly values in the believer’s scale of preference.

The existence of this malady would have been of little significance had the dead been left to bury the dead. Unfortunately, the real tragedy is that this spiritual disease has also effectively blinded, corrupted, and rendered the average believer impotent in the modern world.

This fiendish infection has :

  • Trapped us in an endless struggle to pay bills.
  • Torn our families apart.
  • Raised our stress and frustration levels to astronomical heights.
  • Ultimately broken our focus on God.

Yet, there’s a very bright light at the end of the tunnel: You don’t have to stay in the dark pit with the rest of the pack.

You can choose to no longer let the world around you squeeze you into it’s mold. You can choose to be completely free from the trap and tyranny of the rat race. You can choose to soar into the blissful realms of undistracted intimacy with God.

And this is where the Wildfire Retreat comes in.

The Wildfire Retreat is an opportunity for believers to breakaway from the hustle and bustle of daily life  in order to wholeheartedly focus on God, be completely cured of the worldliness virus, and be inspired to embrace the single eyed way of life.

It is about the courage to love and seek God as THE ONLY TREASURE of your heart.

We hope you will join us sometime for these life-changing adventures of power, freedom, and joy. You will never be the same again.