Dare To Inspire Your World

A lot of folks disparage themselves. Many live with shame. They are battered. They see themselves as worthless because all they see is that they lied today, they lusted today, they cheated today; that’s all they ever see.

Every minute of their lives, they see their thoughts. For instance, some battle with lustful thoughts. They may not have committed the act but inside they are filled with self-loathing. So though you look at the person physically and you think this person is okay, the person is actually self-condemned constantly. He’s living with his own thoughts. She’s living with her own thoughts.

Every minute of the day the devil is at that person. Those thoughts are bombarding the person: you’re a sinner, you’re dirty, you’re filthy, you’re worthless, you’re useless, see what you’re thinking, see how you’re feeling, see what you’re doing, look at how clumsy you are, you’re lazy, you’re an idiot, you’re not smart, look at your mates, look at you.

Now if in the bid to correct, you come out as condemning as their thoughts, do you know what you are doing?  You are acting as a partner to Satan. Simply put, that’s what you are doing. You are just acting as the devil’s partner. He’s the accuser of the brethren; but we should act as Jesus’ partner.

We should carry the big mirror of God’s word. Dare to inspire your world with the mirror of God’s word. When you see someone who makes a mistake, you can show them who they really are with the word of God. You can show them how capable they are, you can show them how wise they are, how powerful they are. When you meet people who are wallowing in guilt because of the sins they committed, show them the forgiveness of Jesus. Show them the mercy of Jesus. Show them the love of God. That’s very important. Dare to inspire your world.