There are two kinds of words:

  • Dead words.
  • Living words.

Only words that come directly from the mouth of God have creative power; can make new realities emerge out of nothing.

Without the living words of God piercing your heart and mind, you really can’t experience a blissful life. And these living words only come directly from the Holy Spirit Himself.

We’re starting our July Fast tomorrow, Wednesday 10th July. It will be a very special three day fast for all Blissful People. And I continue to emphasize that you should not exempt yourself.

During this fast, the Holy Spirit will speak God’s living words directly to many. Be open to that. Be very sensitive and open to His living words.

A new chapter is about to open for Blissful People. This chapter will usher in powerful new realities, such as we have never seen before.

And all this will happen through the specific living words the Holy Spirit Himself will speak personally to each person during this fast.


Dates: Wednesday July 10th, till Friday July 12th.

Daily duration: 00:00am till 06:00pm (your local time)

Each day of the fast, I will provide guidance through Rule Your Day morning devotional.

Each day of the fast, I will go live on Facebook for 1hr live online prayer sessions. Time for this is 6:00pm Nig, 12:00noon Louisiana, and so on.

For Blissful People physically located in Hammond, LA where I am presently, we will gather together for each day’s closing prayers at the Wildfire Mission Center. Time is 06:00pm (UTC-5) daily.

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Ojiuba Ifunanya
Ojiuba Ifunanya

Thank God you holy spirit fir an opportunity like this …Revd,please I pray tir deliverance and the healing power of God upon my life and family..God bless you


Amen. I lean on you sweet Holy spirit. Blissful evening Rev. My phone went for repair just got it back. Ready for tomorrows fast, by HIS grace.

Zina Osigwe
Zina Osigwe

Amen! Noted Rev

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