In God’s Presence Your Fears Die

My children are very confident in my presence. I noticed that whenever they know they have my support in what they’re doing, they become very bold; you see them moving around like, ‘Hey, my daddy is here.’ So it is with us and God.

When you spend time with your heavenly Father, you come out with confidence. If the devil tries to mess up, he won’t succeed because you will exercise your authority. In God’s presence your fear dies.

To tell you the truth, I have enjoyed fearlessness to the point that there is no longer any room in my heart for worry. In God’s presence, there’s no sense of anxiety; there’s no sense of panic. There, you don’t worry; you don’t panic.

In God’s presence, the attitude of your mind is transformed.

I pray for you now that your prayer life be awakened. May your passion to pray begin to grow. I pray that you move beyond merely wishing you could pray more; and start to earnestly seek God.

Understand: In His presence your faith grows. In His presence, your ability to trust Him grows; your ability to depend on Him grows.

If you want to develop your faith then pray; and keep praying. Because the more you pray, the more your faith grows. The more you pray, the more your confidence in the Father grows. The more you pray, the more your ability to trust Him grows.

Praise God.