When you imitate God, when you do things His way, you get His results!

BIBLE STUDY | Ephesians 5:1 NLT | “Imitate God, therefore, in everything you do, because you are his dear children.”

Naturally, when people look at you, they see your family resemblance. Normally, you have characteristics of your father or mother; maybe you have their eyes, or mouth or mannerisms.

Now, what today’s bible verse is telling us is that we should also have the characteristics of our Heavenly Father! We should display His likeness. We should have His eyes, His mouth and His mannerisms, too.

We should study Him and imitate Him with the same awe that little children do as they imitate their earthly fathers.

For instance, God is love. When we are walking in love, we’re re imitating God. When we are being patient and kind, when we are extending grace and mercy and forgiving others the way Christ has forgiven us, we’re imitating God.

And when you imitate God, when you do things His way, you get His results!

That is so powerful that I’ll repeat it.


God’s ways always lead to life, freedom and blessing. The more you imitate your heavenly Father by walking in love, the more you will see Him moving in your life. He’ll open doors for you that no man can close, and you’ll see His hand of blessing in every area of your life!

Choose to imitate God today!

PRAYER | Holy Spirit, please show me the ways of God. And help me to imitate God. In Jesus Name.


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Janine Gerald
Janine Gerald

Hey Rev Wildfire
We are so excited you are coming to deposit blessing from the Lord to us in Albany. God bless you

Bridget i
Bridget i

Rev i need ur prayers (revelation came from pastors that my fathers people don’t want me to be married) i have been having series of dissappointment,finally met a man who said he wants to marry me and again without any quarrel he’s giving me attitude..i have fasted and prayed i don’t want to loss him i just want to be married this year that’s all i want..pls help me

Oby Onyejegbu
Oby Onyejegbu

Amen and Amen

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