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This home church report is actually my response to some intense, deep-seated hunger and passionate pull toward intimacy with God that’s been on a steady increase within me.

Most days, I feel this urge and near-irresistible need to be alone with God – just as you feel when your urinary bladder is full to the brim. When such mind-electrifying feelings come, everything else, however important, lose their significance and flavor; that is until you respond to this emergency in your spirit, and like a loving and understanding spouse, repose to a lonely, or at least quiet place, and pour out your heart to the Holy Spirit – telling Him how much you love Him, and how desperately you need more of Him.

The above have been my on–and–off experiences since I came in contact with Pastor WD Favour. When I newly joined his ministry, the primary thing that got me stuck was his strange and almost weird passion and hunger for God – which was innocently obvious and evident in everything he said from the pulpit. He made me see Christianity as a marital love affair and intimacy with the Holy Spirit. And then, I sensed my spirit exclaim with a sigh of relief, “This is it!”

He insidiously but firmly induced in us an unyielding desire for intimate sessions of prayer, as he taught us that genuine passion for God comes from desiring it and expressing that desire in prayers.

‘Time out with God’

I could remember those days in 2006 that I would, after his sermons, go and ask the catechist of a chapel in my school to allow me spend the night in the church hall. I did spend some nights alone in that chapel asking God to give me the passion for Him and to reveal Himself to me.

Inspired by Pastor WD Favour’s example, each of us set apart a date per month, which we called ‘Time out with God.’ On such days, you would switch off your phone, shut yourself up in a room or go to a chapel, and spend the whole day without food, but voraciously eating the bible, asking God to deposit in your heart this strange passionate intimacy that WD Favour shares with Him.

This remains, till date, one of our most vital monthly activities.

The greatest of all pursuits

I decided to share this in our home church this week because, lately, I’ve been experiencing a subtle ripple–like increase in my passion and hunger for intimacy with God. My goal is to reproduce this life–transforming passion for God in all the Ideal Home Church members, because it is the bedrock of a resounding walk with God.

We started the interactive bible study by meditating on Psalm 42:1–2:

“As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God. 
My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God?”

We also meditated on Psalm 63:1–8, where we saw the heart–cry of a man who has become consumed with an intense, irresistible passion for God.

At this point, one of us said that, “The pursuit of God is the greatest of all pursuits; yet even a hot pursuit of God without passion for Him is a mere religious activity that will definitely end in frustration.”

Using the above saying as a foundation, I stressed that since passion for God is the only element that makes for a genuine walk with Him, we should exert ourselves in prayer, asking God to inspire in us a genuine desire for Him.

At this point, I recommended Pastor WD Favour’s book “Can God be lonely?” to each of our Home Church members.

I urge you too, dear friend, to download the free e-book. It will surely ignite in you an unquenchable passion for God.

God will respond to you as you passionately seek Him.

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Thanks very much for sharing this with me. I desire an intimate relationship with with God. I like this statement “The pursuit of God is the greatest of all pursuits; yet even a hot pursuit of God without passion for Him is a mere religious activity that will definitely end in frustration.” It really touched me. I pray that God will continually ignite the passion for him in.

God bless you.

Sopuru Akandu
Sopuru Akandu

Thank you for your comment; and keep alive your intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

Becky Illig
Becky Illig

In our culture we are not taught to consider our relationship with God as “a marital love affair and intimacy with the Holy Spirit.” Pastor Favour was the first person to ever introduce that concept to me as well. Recently, I had attended a women’s conference here. One of the speakers said consider the “Song of Songs” as a pattern for your relationship with Jesus. What beautiful way to view our relationship with the Lord.

I am so…