If You Are Truly Strong

Romans 15:1 NIV
We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves.

Each of us has unique strengths in various areas. Some are smart and intelligent. Some are extremely disciplined and self controlled. Some have tremendous patience and endurance. Others have a phenomenal capacity to create wealth. And so on.

Each of us has unique strengths.

Now, if you’re strong in any area, you have a divine responsibility: To help other brethren who are weak in that area.

Your strength is not of your own making. It is a gift from the Lord. It is a privilege. And you should be grateful to God for it and use it to help others.

Some claim to be strong by talking tough and putting down others. But by so doing, they show they’re not. They are rather weak, fearful and insecure.

If you are truly strong, you will not be afraid of the weak. If you’re truly strong, then you do not build walls to isolate yourself from the weak. If you are truly strong, you will reach out to the weak and build them up with love and compassion.

Do not just squander your privileges and advantages on yourself. Instead, use them to help others. The strong should help the weak. The rich should help the poor. And so on.

Finally, remember you are the one being spoken to here. So, discover your strength and use it to help others.