How To Know What Your Main Talent Is

In this post, I will be dealing with one of the most important aspects of your life: your talent. I will attempt to squeeze over 12 hours of seminar content into a simple blog post of just about 1000 words. So please pay careful attention in order not to miss any thing. To serve this message effectively to you, I have organized it into 9 simple points: 9 Things you should know about your talent. The first 6 points relate to the genius and power of your talent. The last three refer to how to identify what your main talent is.

#1. Your talent is a key aspect of who you are

You are not your talent. You are more than that; but it is a principal aspect of who you are – of yourself. It is a very vital aspect of your being; take it out and it would be impossible for you to become significantly distinguished in life.

#2. Your talent is a very powerful expression of God in you

Put in another form, talent is God’s hand in the life of an individual. To ignore your talent, is to ignore God in your life. To attempt to succeed apart from your talent, is to insult the wisdom of God. He made things that way. Just fall in line.

#3. The excellent expression of your talent provokes the manifestation of God on earth

At a time in bible days, in the Old Testament, three kings – Jehoshaphat of Judah, Ahab of Israel, and the king of Edom – went to see Prophet Elisha for assistance in their battle against the king of Moab. Elisha needed to invoke the hand of God on behalf of these three kings. So, he invited a minstrel to play for him.

“But now bring me a minstrel. And it came to pass, when the minstrel played, that the hand of the LORD came upon him.”
~2 Kings 3:15

This is a beautiful picture of the power of talent: When the minstrel played, the hand of God manifested on earth upon Elisha. This is what happens when you express your talent excellently. When you begin to excel in your talent, people begin to come under the influence of God.

Mind the term ‘excellent expressions.’ Your talent is like a possession; it is something you have. In that state, it is basically dormant, as though God were present, but inactive. When, however, you begin to use that talent to bless other people, you activate the hand of God to go to work. This produces powerful results.

#4. The excellent expression of your talent generates waves of favours for you

“A gift opens the way for the giver and ushers him into the presence of the great.”
~Proverbs 18:16.

When you begin to use your talent in a way that makes people glorify God, His hand in you is activated and begins to operate on your behalf. This is why it makes room for you. It makes room for you by activating the hand of God upon others. Then, the operation of this hand makes room for you, and brings you to limelight. I’ve already noted that it is not possible for anyone to become significantly distinguished in life without the excellent expression of their talent.

#5. The excellent expression of your talent connects you to God and enables intimacy between Him and yourself

“Deep calls to deep…”
~ Psalm 42:7

Your talent is the depth of God within you. It calls out to God and connects your heart with His. When you excel in using your talent to transform other people’s lives, you excite God to ecstasy, and draw His special affections upon your life.

Paul tells us in his letter to the Corinthians that God loves a cheerful giver. That is to say that He falls specially in love with a cheerful giver. What you have is merely a possession. When you give it out, it becomes a gift. It is then that it turns God on, and attracts Him to you. Truly, the excellent expression of your talent creates intimacy with God.

#6. The excellent expression of your talent, particularly with an unselfish intention to help others, is an extremely powerful form of worship

Your talent is a unique and powerful tool for worship. You connect with God, pleasure Him to ecstasy when you use your talents to bless lives in His presence. The excellent use of your talent thrills the heart of God. It is an extremely powerful form of worship.

How To Know What Your Main Talent Is

Discover YourselfAs I wrote earlier, and as you may have observed, the first 6 points relate to the genius and power of your talent. The following three refer to how to identify what your main talent is. I’m certain that if you locate and excellently express your talent, you are well on your way to financial independence. The discovery, development, and deployment of your talent will enable you to transform the lives of thousands of people, and enhance your personal relationship with God.

#7. Talent is more than an intense passion

That you derive great pleasure from doing something, does not make that thing your talent. A lot of people wrongly equate their hobbies and passion to talent. This is a bit misleading. Your passion may point to your talent – in fact, it is an aspect of your talent – however, it is definitely not your talent as we shall soon see.

#8. Talent is more than a special ability

This is another area of misconception related to the subject of talents. The fact that you can do something extremely well, or that it comes naturally to you, does not make that thing a talent. Does being able to sleep, or eat – things that you do naturally well – mean that those two are your talents? Of course not! Your special ability is definitely an aspect of your talent, but it is not your talent.

#9. Talent is the main child of the intercourse between your dominant passion, and your foremost ability

When you mix the color blue with yellow, you get green. When you fuse your dominant passion with your foremost ability, you get your talent. In your talent, your passion and abilities unite with God’s, sparking unimaginable depths of resonance and intimacy.

For instance, my passion is learning and sharing my discoveries. This is my most dominant passion. This is why I love to watch movies, listen and watch news and documentaries, read interesting books, enjoy interesting conversations, and love surfing the web. What I find interesting in these media is nothing but fresh and insightful information.

My foremost abilities, however, are writing and talking.

When I mix my passion of learning and sharing my discoveries, with my main abilities of writing and talking, what do I get? Communicating: the capacity to express what I know in very clear and easily understandable terms.

I may not have the time to personally profile you to pin-point your specific talent as I do for individual clients. I can however give you some simple and practical guidance on how to do it for yourself. Here they are:

  1. Start with what you love; what you have passion and enthusiasm for. What thrills your heart the most? What do you enjoy doing the most? What activities give you the utmost pleasure?
  2. Then, go on to what you are very good at. What are you exceptionally good at – particularly according to others who know you very well?
  3. Finally, combine the answers to the first two. When you mix what you enjoy doing the most, with what you are exceptionally good at, what do you get? The answer to this last question may be very difficult to get. Depending on how much divergence exists between them, you may need the help of a self-discovery coach. However, if you are able to determine this, it will prove to be a very significant and powerful beginning to a very successful life.

For the moment, let me conclude by letting you know that your talent is the sweet spot of your personality. Discover it. Develop it. Deploy it. Then watch as your God, and your world rain unimaginable favours upon your life.