How to Enjoy Life to the Full

Are you enjoying God’s rich provisions in every area of your life? Well, you should, because Jesus Christ declared that to be His mission.

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."

~ John 10:10

To have life to the full means to enjoy the freedom and joy of abundance and prosperity in all areas of life.

It implies, for instance, that you won’t have to worry about money anymore. It means that your life will be free from the harassments of lack.

He says,

"I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. He will come in and go out, AND FIND PASTURE." ?~ John 10:9

To come in and out, describes freedom; to find pasture describes abundance. Here, Jesus is talking about the freedom of abundant supplies, provisions, and prosperity.

It is necessary, however, to emphasize that Jesus’ promise of the full life was made in the context of the relationship between the Good Shepherd’s voice, the flock, and the stranger’s voice. (v. 3,4)

Furthermore, Jesus clearly says that this promise of life to the full is for His sheep. In other words, if you you are not enjoying the freedom and joy of God’s abundance in any area of your life, you need to ask, "am I truly His sheep?"

The keys to enjoying the sweet and fulfilling life that Jesus Christ has brought to us are revealed in His descriptions of the qualities of His sheep.

#1. His sheep knows His voice. (v4)

There are differences between the many voices clamoring for your attention. Are you able to recognize the voice of Jesus amidst these voices? When He speaks, do you know it?

Well, He speaks through the Scriptures, His Holy Spirit, and His Ministers. Ask the Helper, the Holy Spirit, to help you know (or recognize) the voice of Jesus Christ in all areas of your life.

#2: His sheep listens to His voice. (v3)

When He is speaking, His sheep listen. They are quiet. They pay attention.

This is because they value and esteem His voice and what He has to say. They have a reverent attitude towards His voice.

A reverent and attentive attitude the voice of Jesus Christ is a distinctive quality of His sheep. Do you possess it?

How do you approach the scriptures? How are you when a man or woman of God is bringing a message from Him? These reveal a lot about you and can decide whether or not you enjoy the freedom and joy of God’s abundant provisions in all areas of your life.

#3. His sheep follows His leadership. (v4)

In what direction is your life headed, and who decides that direction?

Leadership is about direction, influence, values, and priorities. Is Jesus Christ fully in control of your values and priorities? Because you can’t claim to be His sheep if He’s not.

You will fully enjoy the provisions of Jesus Christ only if you follow His leadership, and adopt His values and priorities in all areas of your life. Only then can you say that He is your Sheperd.

Then you shall not want, because He makes you lie down in green pastures, leads you beside quiet waters, refreshes your soul, and causes you to overflow with His abundant provisions in all areas of your life.

#4. His sheep will not recognize a stranger’s voice. (v5)

They will never follow him. In fact, they will run away from a stranger.

This means that they do not walk in the counsel of the wicked, nor stand in the way of sinners, nor sit in the seat of mockers.

The sheep of Jesus Christ actively dissociate themselves from any voice that is contrary and opposed to His.

The essence of Jesus message here is that the experiences of your life will be determined by whose voice you can hear and obey, as well as whose voice you flee from.

This full and abundance life is strictly tied to the voice and leadership of the Good Shepherd.

If you will know, listen, and obey the instructions of the Good Shepherd, you will enjoy the freedom and joy of God’s abundance and provisions in all areas of your life.

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