How To Develop Your Faith

How do you exercise your faith? How do you develop your faith? Every time you speak to your situation, you are exercising your faith. And as you exercise it, it grows; as you make use of it, what you can do with it expands.

Everytime you speak to your situation, you are developing your faith.

To understand this better, let look at a little baby. When it is born, a little baby is not able to talk. At that point, it is unable to perform even the most basic activities of a normal human being, like eat some kind of food, put on its own clothes, or hold a phone in its hand.

However, that tiny baby can cry!

So in spite of all the things the baby cannot do, there is something it can do; it can cry.
In fact, in the olden days – and I believe they still do that in some places today – when a baby is born, the only way to know it’s alive is to smack it so it cries; not whimpers or sobs, but cries out loud. That’s how they knew the baby was alive.

When you received Christ into your life, you became born again. In other words, you became a new baby. And, like the baby, the first thing you got was a voice; the ability to cry. When you became born again, God took that mustard seed of faith, the power of life and death, and He put it in your tongue; so at least you can talk!

So how does this develop your faith? To develop means to use, to exercise, to utilize; and so for faith to grow it has to be developed.

Now every time you speak to your situation, you have put your faith to use. Every time you speak to your situation, you have put your faith to use. For every moment in time life smacks at you and you speak life to that situation, you have exercised your faith.

As that little baby continues to eat and feed, it begins to grow. One day, it is able to walk on the ground like a toddler.  At this point it might wobble sometimes, and fall; but then it continues to do it. So it is with developing your faith: The first time you speak to your situation, there may be no immediate observable change. It might take a while and you might be tempted to abandon your faith. Nevertheless, like the baby, keep moving, because it will still happen.

Speaking to your circumstances in faith is not something you try to do; it is who you are. It should be a way of life. And when you speak, expect it to happen just like you’ve declared. As you continue in this manner, your faith will grow in leaps and bounds and what you can achieve with it will multiply.

Praise God.