How Deep Do You Want To Go?

Ezekiel‬ ‭47:3-5‬| As the man went eastward with a measuring line in his hand, he measured off a thousand cubits and then led me through water that was ankle-deep. He measured off another thousand cubits and led me through water that was knee-deep. He measured off another thousand and led me through water that was up to the waist. He measured off another thousand, but now it was a river that I could not cross, because the water had risen and was deep enough to swim in—a river that no one could cross.”

Good morning/evening Blissfuls all around the world! Today I want to invite you to go with me to the beach! It is another one of my favorite Summer activities to do here in south Louisiana. I’ve always dreamed of having a house on the beach. And one day who knows, it may become a reality. But for now I will bring you there in your imagination. So let’s go! 

As you approach the beach you will be met with the warm sand under your feet, the caressing ocean breeze against your skin, the hot sun beaming down, the sound of the seagulls call and salty waves crashing into the shore. 

You will also notice people. Lots of different kinds of people. Let’s observe them for a minute.

Most of them are just sitting on the side of the beach playing in the sand talking about the water. Enjoying its robust beauty surging onto the shores.

Then you may see others step in but carefully stay in the shallows, close to the shore. Just enjoying the cool, refreshing water. 

Still yet others may courageously travel into the deeper regions and jump into the waves as they swell up a little ways from the shore. 

Then you have those few curious ones who have went through much training, suited in their scuba gear going out to the deeper depths to go deep sea diving. 

Still yet there are the rarest that get into submersible vehicles like the Deepsea Challenger. They can go as far as 6-7 miles (9-11 kilometers) into the deepest trenches of the ocean to explore the unknowns of this mysterious water world.

Our day at the beach can tell us about this journey with God. You see God is like the ocean; He is vast and unsearchable. He is deep and mysterious. He is unexplainable and inexhaustible. 

So today, who are you? Where are you in this picture of the ocean? Are you ready to go deeper? And how deep do you want to go?

Psalm 42:7| Deep calls to deep at the sound of Your waterfalls; All Your breakers and Your waves have rolled over me.

If you are like me, I want to go deeper into His mysterious beauty and wondrous glory and get lost in Him. I’m just in awe and fascinated by Him. 

1 Corinthians 2:10| “For to us God revealed them through the Spirit; for the Spirit searches all things, even the depths of God.”

Let us pray, Holy Spirit give me the grace and help me to move deeper into the depths of God to know and explore Him more! In Jesus Name amen!